Have you tried rubbing a database on it:

The Jam


Grab some friends and build something strange!

The theme will be the same as the HYTRADBOI conference:

Turning a data-centric lens onto familiar problems to yield strange new solutions (and maybe exciting new problems).

But the theme is just a prompt for your imagination. What the theme means is up to you. I'm not the jam police. Do whatever feels exciting and weird! Check out this years conference videos or this ideas thread for inspiration.

Your jam project could be a prototype of a new idea (eg), or an investigation of the behaviour of an existing system (eg), or an in-depth explanation of a tricky topic (eg).

The only hard rule is that your project can't just be a demo of a commercial product. This is not a billboard!


From 2022 Sep 26 to 2022 Oct 2.

You can work on your jam project for the whole week, or just do the weekend, or whatever else works for you. All that matters is having fun and trying something new.

Send me a link to your projects readme and (optionally) a demo video, before 2022 Oct 3 0900 PDT. I'll publish them all here.


Hang out and start brainstorming in #hytradboi.

Or if you're feeling really fancy, come up to Vancouver and jam in person.


What if I can't make it that week? Don't worry, we'll do this again. Possibly with more warning next time.

Who is running this thing? HYTRADBOI is 'organized' by Jamie Brandon.

If you have any other questions ask jamie@scattered-thoughts.net.