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Sep 26 to Oct 2

Have you tried rubbing a database on it?

Online | 2022 Apr 29 0900-1500 PDT | $64


HYTRADBOI was a day of lightning talks about turning a data-centric lens onto familiar problems to yield strange new solutions (and maybe exciting new problems). Talks ranged from wild ideas and unlikely experiments to cutting-edge research and production war stories.

(See also Why start a new database conference?)



Experience report: building enterprise applications using LogiQL and Rel

by Kurt Stirewalt

Why Airtable is easy to learn and hard to outgrow

by Mary Rose Cook

Using incremental execution for realtime machine learning

by Michael Andrews

Ultorg: a user interface for relational databases

by Eirik Bakke

Incremental stream processing with DDlog

by Leonid Ryzhyk

Saving time by implementing features in the data model

by Niklas Gray


Working with virtual time in SQL

by Frank McSherry

Your frontend needs a database

by Nikita Prokopov

A faster inner dev loop for stream processing

by Florian Eiden

Building data-centric apps with a reactive relational database

by Nicholas Schiefer

Baking in time at the bottom of the database

by Jeremy Taylor

DatalogUI: rubbing datalog on UIs

by Marco Munizaga


Twizzler: a data-centric operating system

by Daniel Bittman

Data interactivity in the serverless future

by James Cowling

TigerBeetle's LSM-Forest

by Joran Dirk Greef & Isaac Freund

UIs are streaming DAGs

by Dustin Getz

How to query (almost) everything

by Predrag Gruevski

Creating a wire compatible Firebase Realtime Database substitute

by Tom Larkworthy


Atjson: relational reasoning for rich text

by Tim Evans

Distributed interactive big data visualization with Hillview.

by Mihai Budiu

A peer-to-peer spatial database

by James Halliday

Percival: a reactive language for exploratory data analysis and visualization

by Eric Zhang


Debugging by querying a database of all program state

by Kyle Huey

Fact or simulation? Let’s query it!

by Stefan Pabst, Maximilian Schleich, Mike Innes, and Guy Van den Broeck

Writing (part of) a compiler in Datalog

by Remy Wang

Roleplay: board games as interfaces to probabilistic databases

by Sergiy Protsiv

Codebase as database: turning the IDE inside out with datalog

by Pete Vilter

I tried rubbing a database on a robot

by Corey Montella


Simple Graph: SQLite as (probably) the only graph database you'll ever need

by Denis Papathanasiou

Viewing collaborative editing through a databases lens

by Martin Kleppmann

Asynchronous replication without bloat

by Paul Khuong

Room to grow: building collaborative, open software

by J. Ryan Stinnett

Datasette: a big bag of tricks for solving interesting problems using SQLite

by Simon Willison

Cambria: schema translations in distributed systems using bidirectional lenses

by Geoffrey Litt


Why no sponsors? Most industry conferences are dominated by adverts from vendors. We wanted to do something a little different. But it's hard to say no to people who already gave you money.

What about accessibility? All the talks are captioned. The event will be based around a text chat, with optional video breakout rooms.

Will recordings be available afterwards? All the talks will be prerecorded and will be published here afterwards. The discussion and chat rooms will not be recorded.

Can we behave like idiots? We expect everyone to conduct themselves like the professionals you are. Also: be curious and constructive rather than cynical and dismissive, stay on topic and avoid digressions that are likely to start fights.

Who is running this thing? HYTRADBOI is organized by Jamie Brandon.

If you have any other questions get in touch at