Have you tried rubbing a database on it?

Online | 2022 Apr 29 0900-1500 PDT | Tickets TBD


HYTRADBOI is about turning a data-centric lens onto familar problems to yield strange new solutions (and maybe exciting new problems). Talks range from wild ideas and unlikely experiments to cutting-edge research and production war stories.

(Why start a new database conference?)

Potential topics include:

  • programming with declarative query languages
  • real-time collaboration and version control
  • handling schema changes and upgrades in open formats
  • reasoning about time and consistency in multi-user programs
  • streaming computations and incrementally maintained views
  • automatic parallelization of data-centric programs
  • tools for introspection, tracing, debugging and profiling
  • generating data-driven guis and direct editing of data
  • customization, extension and end-user programming

The day will alternate between blocks of back-to-back 10-minute prerecorded talks, followed by time to chat and ask questions in the many breakout rooms.


Here's a peek at the lineup so far:

We're still accepting talk proposals until 2022 Feb 28.

Propose a talk

Guidelines for a great talk:

  • Tackle real problems. Everything sounds like a good idea until it makes contact with reality.
  • Show, don't tell. We want to see your ideas in action, not just slides!
  • Don't gloss over the bad. We want to know where ideas break down and how you patched over the holes.
  • Aim for density. Edit heavily and cut out pauses, ums and ahs. If people like it they can always rewind and watch it again.
  • No sales pitches. It's ok to demo commercial products but we don't want to watch a 10 minute ad. Show us something that will make us think.

Check out this 4 minute demo of medc to see how much you can pack into a short video.

If you are not sure whether your talk would be interesting, submit it anyway! Our experience is that many people wildly underestimate their own ideas and that there is little correlation between confidence and quality.


HYTRADBOI is completely supported by ticket sales so you won't have to sit through any hour-long ads from sponsors.

Sign up here to be notified when tickets are available:


Why no sponsors? Most industry conferences are dominated by adverts from vendors. We wanted to do something a little different. But it's hard to say no to people who already gave you money.

What about accessibility? All the talks will be captioned. The event will be based around a text chat, with optional video breakout rooms.

Can we behave like idiots? We expect everyone to conduct themselves like the professionals you are. Also: be curious and constructive rather than cynical and dismissive, stay on topic and avoid digressions that are likely to start fights.

Who is running this thing? HYTRADBOI is organized by Jamie Brandon.

If you have any other questions get in touch at info@hytradboi.com or @hytradboi.